Sunday, November 9, 2008

A New Find

There is nothing I like more, than finding a new author who knocks my socks off and keeps me reading until the very last page. Stacia Kane, with her book Personal Demons, does just that. I could not put this book down until I had read to the very end. I started reading and couldn't stop, even though I had work the next day, and it was two in the morning.

Megan is a psychologist with her own radio show, which promises listeners that she'll "slay their personal demons." What started out as a slogan to draw listeners, is soon taken serious by real demons. It doesn't help that Megan herself has no personal demon and is psychic. Megan soon becomes the target of these personal demons and a demon that is much more sinister named the Accuser. She finds an ally in the seductive and mysterious demon Dante, who wants to, by turns, protect her and tantalize her. With a reporter digging up her past and a witch teaching her to control her psychic powers, Megan's life goes from dull and lonely to a touch too lively.

Kane's concept for this story is very unique. Her demons rather than being outright evil exist in shades of grey, ranging from simply mischievous to downright evil. Megan's reaction to having her world view forcefully widened is not only believable but entertaining as well.

The interactions between the characters is perfect. The tensions between Megan and Dante are skillfully handled and leave the reader sighing and wishing a man, or rather demon, like Dante would swoop down and protect them.

I would highly recommend those that like authors such as Kelly Armstrong, Karen Chance or Kim Harrison to give Personal Demon by Stacia Kane a chance. You won't be sorry.