Thursday, September 4, 2008

A great surprise

About a year back, I came across an author, Ilona Andrews. I was between books at the time and eagerly awaiting the newest book by Charlaine Harris. I'd been waiting months, so I was very bored and on the hunt for fresh talent. Her book, Magic Bites, caught my eye and I figured I'd give it a try. It was an okay read, but I could tell it was one of her first books. Once I had finished I thought that the book had done exactly as it was supposed to and killed a couple of hours of my time. End of story.

Earlier this year I came across her newest book, Magic Burns. I wasn't expecting much, but once again I was between books, so I tried it out. Boy, was I surprised when it hooked me in and kept me in the story until the very last page. 

The story is set in a universe very unlike ours. They have magic and tech waves. When the magic waves hit, only magic can be used and the same for the tech waves. It was an interesting concept that I hadn't really seen before in literature. Like many urban fantasy novels she had Were animals and her take on vampires. The main protagonist of the book is Kate Daniels, a kick ass mercenary who has a very big secret that is hinted at but never revealed. Kate is a friend of the pack and antagonist of local Were King Curran, so when the Weres have their maps stolen their first call is to Kate to recover them. This assignment leads Kate into a pack of trouble that involves a vanishing archer, a belligerent teen, and an army of undead mermaids bent on resurrecting their god. 

Although Andrews writing isn't quite on par with the greats in the genre such as Kelley Armstrong or Charlaine Harris, her characters are engaging and the action never stops. With her heroine, Kate, who has more guts than brains, Andrews leads the reader on an adventurous romp that is sure to entertain and leave the reader wanting more. 

I can't wait for the next book, and I look forward to seeing how this writer develops in the future. I'm confident that her books will keep getting better and better.

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